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Sergey Sergeevich Vepritskiy
Chairman of the Bar Association " Advocate Union Lawyers Ukraine Foundation ", editor in chief of national legal publication "Zahist Prav" lawyer.
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S.S. Vepritskiy
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Authorities, ministries, departments and other useful links:

The President of Ukraine - official Internet representation

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers

Central administrative public service board of the Cabinet

National security and defenses council

State exchequer of Ukraine

The Ministry of Economics

The Agrarian Policy Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Health Protection Ministry

The Ministry of Education and Science

The Ministry of Finance

The Transport and Communication Ministry

The Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

The Ministry concerning Emergency Situations in Affairs of Protection the Population from Consequences of Chernobyl Accident

Communication center with the public

The Supreme Court of Ukraine

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine

European Court concerning people’s rights

The higher economic court of Ukraine

The Unique State Register of Judgements

The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine

National bank of Ukraine

The State Tax Administration

Security service of Ukraine

The state administration of the railway transport

The state frontier service of Ukraine

Department of State Car Inspection and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

State Property Fund

The central election committee

Antimonopolniy committee

National institute of strategic researches

Higher Justice Council

International commercial arbitration

Commercial and industrial chamber of Ukraine

The state committee of Ukraine on questions regulation politicians and businesses

The state commission of securities and stock market

The state committee of statistics of Ukraine

Public service of mountain supervision and industrial safety of Ukraine

Academy of Lawyers of Ukraine

Association of Lawyers of Ukraine

Association of Jurists of Ukraine

Crimean Bar

Odessa Bar

Association of workers

The international association of jurists (IAJ)

The Bar of Ukraine

The HIGHER QUALIFYING COMMISSION of the Bar at the Cabinet of Ukraine


Dnepropetrovsk regional Bar

The official bulletin of Ukraine


г. Харьков, ул. Ильинская, 68

г. Харьков, ул. Ангарская, 14

г. Харьков, ул. Молочная, 38, оф.615
098-21-27-400, 095-319-05-25

г. Харьков, ул. Библика, 20/8

г. Харьков, ул. Ильинская, 68

г. Харьков, ул. Ньютона, 135а, кв.16

г. Харьков, б-р Б.Хмельницького, 32/38
066-765-57-15, 057-757-61-10

г. Харьков, ул. Ильинская, 68

г. Харьков, ул. Ильинская, 68


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The Legal aid in road accident
Civil-law disputes
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