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Sergey Sergeevich Vepritskiy
Chairman of the Bar Association " Advocate Union Lawyers Ukraine Foundation ", editor in chief of national legal publication "Zahist Prav" lawyer.
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S.S. Vepritskiy
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The most widespread kind of disputes – civil-law disputes. In spite of the fact that housing disputes and family disputes are allocated in a separate category of affairs owing to the specificity, they also concern civil-law relations and including are regulated by the Civil code of Ukraine.

Besides set forth above, to civil-law disputes carry also disputes on harm compensation, damage compensation, hereditary disputes, disputes connected with promissory notes. Affairs also concern the given kind of legal relationship on protection of the rights of consumers, the disputes arising in connection with activity of economic societies (Open Company, PAO).

Despite occurring opinion, civil-law disputes frequently can appear more difficult, rather than criminal because as right sources in this case serve not only the basic codes and laws, but decisions of Ministry of Ukraine, orders on various departments, decisions of municipal bodies. And if in criminal law complexity consists in доказывании and qualifications of a crime, but the criminal law and the criminally-remedial legislation in civil law it is necessary to be guided in great volume of the statutory acts specifying a legal position of the client is used thus only, to find possibilities of application of this or that document for protection of the right of the client.

These features of civil-law disputes give the chance to the lawyer to collect on the basis of a legal position proofs in one logic chain which links strong coordinate an estimation an existing complex of rules of law

Therefore, if you consider that your rights, property or non-property, have been somehow restrained, and you are going to protect them in a pre-judicial or judicial order, or you have caused the respondent, address in «Advocate Union Lawyers Ukraine Foundation». Our lawyers will render any possible assistance to minimize your expenses necessary for the permission of a current situation and will qualitatively present your interests in civil process.
«Advocate Union Lawyers Ukraine Foundation» is an effective help of lawyers and the qualitative permission of difficult juridichesko-legal situations.


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г. Харьков, ул. Ильинская, 68

г. Харьков, ул. Ильинская, 68


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